Premium-quality foundry sand

For many years foundries have been successfully using LANXESS chromite sand now sold under the brand name Cromtec
. Because it always comes exclusively from our own mine, we can guarantee consistent premium-quality for efficient processes.


Cromtec™ chromite sand is selected and used in foundries worldwide because of its unique combination of properties (see table left). The key advantage to our customers is that there are no fluctuations in the quality of our sand because no chrome ores of different origins are mixed together.

High demands are made on the quality and consistency of chromite sand, particularly in the mold-making industry. The chromite sand's purity, chromium and iron content, and especially its grain morphology and quantitative distribution of the various grain sizes significantly affect the success of the casting process and the quality of the cast workpieces.

In many cases the mold-making formulations have been developed by each individual foundry and specifically tailored to a specific kind of chromite sand to ensure the best possible results. As a result, it is particularly important that the corresponding raw material is available in constant quality, in the required quantity and at any time in order to meet those specific needs.

You can tell the high quality of Cromtec™ foundry sand from the size of the individual grains and their quantitative distribution in the various grain size fractions (see graph left). Foundries that use our product can be sure that the sand wi ll always be in an optimal grain size fraction curve in line with the AFS specification.

For our customers that means optimal product properties and hence optimal efficiency.