From mine to customer – all the benefits


Always the same mine, always the same processing methods, always the same reliable checks – and always the same high quality for you. With Cromtec™ from LANXESS, there are no unpleasant surprises and no changes to your process parameters.


You can forget about rejects and reworking caused by quality fluctuations in your chromite sand. What you can expect are optimized operating processes and increased productivity.
As we have our own chrome ore mine in South Africa, we can tailor all the processing stages from the mining to the finished product to our own high standards.

The know-how our specialists contribute is a further key benefit for our customers. These experts have a great deal of practical experience and are familiar with the requirements of all the different market segments. LANXESS’s Cromtec™ service is rounded off by optimized logistics and delivery processes that are systematically adapted to customer needs.

From mine to end user, we take care of everything ourselves. Everything is geared to you, our customers, to ensure your success!

Benefits at a glance

  • Operating our own mine ensures long-term raw material and delivery reliability
  • High-quality chrome ore deposits
  • Stable production properties in the foundry thanks to multi-stage controls
    throughout the production and supply chain
  • Reliable removal of impurities and fine particles
  • Specific forms of delivery to suit customer needs
  • State-of-the-art processing technology for drying and dust removal
  • Competent advisory service by our specialists